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F.A.Q. on “Chudskoe Ozero” Products:

What raw materials are the products of “Chudskoe Ozero” TM made of?

All our products are made of organic cow’s milk.

Why is your milk and cream can be stored for so long? Do they have preservatives?

No, “Chudskoe Ozero” TM products do not contain preservatives. Long-term storage is provided by the most advanced method of product processing, UHT, and its aseptic package. During the UHT cream (milk) is heated to 135-150 °C for a few seconds, so that all harmful pathogenic bacteria and spores, as well as enzymes that can spoil the milk, die. During production, the product is packaged in sterile conditions, which eliminates the possibility of re-contamination. This is why you can store our cream and milk at room temperature for several months.

Is there anything useful left in milk and cream after UHT?

All international healthcare institutions and organizations agree that UHT milk and cream retain all the nutritional benefits of fresh products without the risk of infection that may be caused by microorganisms in raw milk. UHT takes only 2-3 seconds, under such conditions milk sugar (lactose) is not destroyed, the original properties of calcium and other mineral salts, vitamins and enzymes are preserved, while they do not withstand prolonged heating during pasteurization.

What is the purpose of using stabilizer in cream? Why is it used in some cream products and not in other ones?

We use a stabilizer only for cream with a fat content of 30% and above, which is designed for whipping. The thing is that organic cream when whipped is fairly unstable. The stabilizer is added to the product to ensure that the cream whips up well, the prepared cream does not collapse and does not ooze. In “Chudskoe Ozero” cream we use safe natural stabilizer carrageenan.

What is carrageenan? Is it harmful?

Carrageenan is a natural gelling agent obtained from the processing of red seaweeds by extraction method with subsequent purification from organic and other impurities: multiple deposition, filtration and washing. Carrageenan has been used as a food additive for over a hundred years, it is safe for health. In addition, it is believed to have a number of unique useful properties: the main benefit of this substance is to detox the human body from toxic impurities and chemical bio compounds, including heavy metals. Besides, it has been proven that carrageenans are not allergens, they exhibit antiviral, anticoagulative, antibacterial and antitoxic effects. We use carrageenan in very small quantities as a consistency stabilizer in the production of full-fat UHT cream. Carrageenan has a neutral flavor and smell, it has no foreign flavor, it does not affect the flavor of the finished product.

Which cream product is good for making cream?

Organic rich cream of 30% and higher fat content is good for whipping, cream of lower fat content will not whip. Most classic recipes use cream of 33% fat content.

How to whip cream properly?

Rich cream must be cooled in a refrigerator for at least 4 hours (preferably 8-10 hours) before whipping, never being frozen. The dishes and whisks should be clean, dry and preferably chilled. It is recommended to start whipping at low speed, gradually increasing speed. Cream whipping time varies from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the method of whipping (manually or with a mixer). It is important not to over-whip it, otherwise the cream may turn into butter. Add powdered sugar and other fillers, if necessary, when the cream is whipped until soft peaks, otherwise it may not whip.

Can whipping cream be used for sauces and hot dishes?

Cream of 18-22% fat content is used most often for sauces, soups and hot dishes, though you can use any cream, both lower in fat and rich ones. The fat content of the cream used will determine the richness of the cream flavor, the density of the sauce and the time of its preparation.

Can cream be frozen?

No, organic cream should not be frozen, it would destabilize the cream, and fat and water fractions can be separated during defrosting. However, finished products that contain cream (for example, mousse cakes) can be frozen, because in this case, the cream is “protected” by other ingredients.

How to store cream properly?

Cream is a very delicate product, it does not withstand sudden temperature changes. Therefore, we recommend storing cream at room temperature +2 – +20. Please note that when stored indoors, the packages should not be exposed to direct sunlight, should not be stored near radiators or other heating devices, as well as household appliances. Immediately before use, rich cream must be cooled it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, but preferably 8-10 hours. Cream cannot be cooled in the freezer, at the back of the refrigerator, and on the door shelf. After opening, the remaining product must be stored in a fridge, separately from products such as fish, meat etc.

How long can cream be used after opening?

Organic cream is a delicate product. Cream is no longer sterile from the moment you open the carton. For this reason, it should be consumed quickly, usually within 3 or 4 days after opening. During this time cream preserves its flavor and properties.

Why do you sometimes find cream of heterogeneous consistency, with lumps? What should I do in such a case?

Cream consists of water and fat fractions, sometimes these fractions can be separated, resulting in the formation of fat lumps and the product becomes heterogeneous. Cream consistency is affected by storage and transportation conditions of products, temperature variations, which are particularly frequent in the summer period. According to the regulations, a slight fat sludge is allowed, which disappears when stirring. To make the product more homogeneous and not to leave fat in the corners of the package, it is recommended to unbend the tips before opening it, then it should be “massaged” with fingers and shaken well to blend the fat. If necessary, stir the content with a spoon after opening.




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