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Чудское озеро

The Cream of the Crop!

Cream, sauces, milk, cottage cheese, ice cream mixes: “Chudskoe Ozero”fully meets the high requirements that it sets for its products


The assortment is designed for chefs, confectioners and baristas

For the best culinary masterpieces.

This is where the real cream magic happens.

We know the secret of the perfect cappuccino!

Fast, cost-efficient, delicious and organic.

For everyone who wants to cook at home just like in a restaurant.



Trade Group Soyuz, organic dairy producer under “Chudskoe Ozero” TM, is your professional partner on the HoReCa market. The company has been working on the food market for 27 years, 16 of them on the dairy market; it specializes in dairy products for professional cooking.


The trade mark “Chudskoe Ozero” is named after the largest lake located in the northwest of Russia, which is the border between Russia and Estonia.

The brand name symbolizes not only purity and environmental friendliness, but also historical partnership of the producer with European countries: exchange of experiences in dairy production of impeccable quality.


All products of “Chudskoe Ozero” TM (except for cheese) are UHT. Ultra-high temperature processing is the most modern, safe and gentle technology for processing milk and cream. It consists in rapid heating for 2-3 seconds to a temperature of 135-150°C, after which the product is cooled to 4-5°C and, under sterile conditions, is poured into an aseptic package.

In the UHT, bacteria and their spores are completely destroyed and all useful substances are preserved due to the short heating time.

Cream and milk “Chudskoe Ozero” are produced in aseptic package Tetra Pak, which allows the product to be stored at room temperature for 6-9 months without compromising the quality.


The “Chudskoye Ozero” production is located in northwestern Russia in an environmentally clean region. The company has built up the entire processing chain: from dairy farming to modern production sites. Dairy farms using advanced technologies (automatic milking equipment, European standards for cows’ ration, special temperature conditions) are located on the shore of Lake Chudskoye in Pskov region.


“Chudskoye Ozero” dairy products are made exclusively from natural high quality milk of Russian origin, preservative-free and non-GMO and have high organoleptic properties. All products comply with the requirements of technical

regulations of the customs union:

TR CU 033/2013 “Customs Union Technical Regulations on the safety of milk and dairy products»
TR CU 021/2011 “Customs Union Technical Regulation on food safety»
TR CU 022/2011 “Customs Union Technical Regulations on food products labeling”
TR CU 029/2012 Customs Union Technical Regulations ‘Safety requirements of food additives, flavorings and processing aids”

High-tech modern equipment, fully automated production that meets international quality standards and the requirements of Russian Technical Regulation and Federal Standard, quality control of the product in accordance with Russian legislation and internal standards of the company allows us to obtain guaranteed high quality products.

The factory has implemented and certified the system of quality and safety of dairy products based on HACCP principles. The whole production process of each product, from raw material to supply, is thus carefully controlled.
Particular attention is paid to the stability of consumer properties of the product from batch to batch throughout the shelf life.

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