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Ice Cream Mix

“Chudskoe Ozero” UHT Liquid Milk Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Mix, 4.8% Fat Content, 1 liter

Ready-made liquid milk ice cream mix consists of natural ingredients, without plant-based components, preservatives and GMOs. The mix has a unique creamy taste, which leaves no one indifferent. The mix is specifically designed for making soft ice cream in an ice cream maker and is completely ready for use; it does not require prior dilution and infusion. It is also good for making “fried” ice cream rolls, hard ice cream and shakes.


drinking water, skim milk powder, granulated sugar, butter, dried glucose syrup, stabilizer, vanilla flavor.


To prepare soft ice cream, pour the required amount of chilled ice cream mix into the ice cream maker and follow the instructions. To make a milkshake, whip iced milk and chilled ice cream mix in a blender at full capacity for 1 minute. For 1 serving of 500 ml shake (4% fat) you will need 300 ml of “Chudskoe Ozero” milk (3.5% fat) and 200 ml of “Chudskoe Ozero” ice cream mix (4.8% fat).
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Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
4,8 g
3,9 g
23 g, sucrose - 14,9 g

Energy value / calorie content: 635 kJ / 151 kcal
Produced in Russia
Shelf life: 6 months
Storage conditions: at a temperature of +2… +25°C in a sealed package
Pack: 12 pcs.

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